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2009 - :      Freelance translator

2008-2009: Unpaid leave from Norges Bank. Worked as freelance translator

2003-2008: Part-time position at Norges Bank, part-time freelance work, the latter consisting very largely of medical texts.

1998–2008: Translator at Norges Bank (the central bank of Norway).

1991-1997: Norsk Hydro. Full-time in-house translator. Norsk Hydro’s core businesses  were offshore activity (oil and gas), petrochemicals, aluminium and   fertilizers.

1980-1991: Freelance translator.

1987-1990: BP Norway Ltd. Two periods totalling 12 months as in-house translator. Translation work covered all aspects of petroleum-based activities, including government regulations, mechanical engineering, expatriation services.

Other major customers over the years have included:

Norges Geotekniske Institutt, Det Norske Veritas, The Norwegian Roads Laboratory.